The School of Business Information offers two bachelor's degree programs: Bachelor Program of Statistics (Business Statistics) and Bachelor Program of Information Management & Information Systems. It also provides mathematics and computer teaching to the whole university through the Mathematics Teaching Department, the Computer Teaching Department, the Business Statistics Laboratory and the Information Management Laboratory established within the School.


The School is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities and experimental tools such as SAS and SPSS, and boasts a strong faculty recognized for both their professional competence and teaching ethics, members who are rich in teaching experience, active in industrial engagement and reasonable in structure. Of the full-time instructors, more than 50% possess at least associate professor titles and doctor’s degree.


Building on the strong tradition of teaching excellence of SIFT and taking advantage of the latest science and technology, the School is committed to helping students succeed by undertaking teaching relevant to the real needs of government, business, financial institutions and research institutes, and cultivating inter-disciplinary talents proficient in a foreign language, well-versed in the knowledge of international trade and management in addition to their expertise in statistics and information.

In addition to the traditional advantage of SIFT in the teaching of foreign languages, business and management, the programs of the School emphasize the processing of business information and data and the application of quantitative analysis tools. The School pays particular attention to the construction of the Business Statistics Laboratory and the Information Management Laboratory and their relevant teaching, with a view to improving the practical ability of students through experimental teaching.


Graduates from the School not only have good ability of foreign language, basic knowledge of international trade and a solid theoretical foundation of their discipline, but also master the basic methods and skills on information and computing science. Being able to work on the exploitation, utilization and management of information resources, and use computers skillfully to analyze business data, our students have a strong competitiveness in the job market.