Finance School was founded in 1995. Embracing the opportunities brought about by Shanghai’s increasing endeavors in building itself into an international financial center, the School has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past decade, Finance school offers five bachelor’s degree programs, i.e. Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance, Financial Management, and Asset Evaluation, and one Master’s degree program in Finance (approved in 1997). Currently, Finance School has over 2,500 graduates and undergraduates, 60% of the faculty members are professors or associate professors; 71% have doctoral degrees and 65% have studied overseas. Most of the faculty members are able to conduct bilingual teaching. The well-structured faculty team ensures high teaching qualify.

Attaching great importance to scientific researches and professional training, Finance School has scored significant achievements in teaching and research. The Master’s degree program in Finance is one of the earliest five granted by Shanghai. In recent years, teachers from Finance School have undertaken 33 projects at and above the provincial/ministerial level such as the National Natural Science Fund Project, and published widely in such well-known academic journals as Economic Research and Management World. Financial Management has won National Quality Course, and Securities Investment Analysis is granted the National Bilingual Teaching Model Course.

Finance School is actively engaged in educational exchanges with overseas counterparts. In 1998, a joint bachelor's degree program in Finance and Corporate Financing started operating in partnership with Douglas College, Canada. Top-notch curriculum, original textbooks, and modern teaching methods from prestigious overseas business schools have been introduced to the program. This program received the Award of Excellence in Educational Achievements from the Shanghai Municipality and the Outstanding International Education Award from the Federal Government of Canada. For this reason, the Canadian side presents scholarships to the program graduates with honors.

Graduates from Finance School are very competitive and sought-after in the job market. Finance School ranks high among local universities in terms of graduates’ employability. Graduates are well received by various financial institutions. An increasing number of graduates are enrolled in renowned universities both home and abroad for further studies such as the University of Michigan, the London School of Economics and Political Science, etc.

Giving top priority to student cultivation, Finance School is dedicated to improving the quality of education.