Accountancy School


The School of Accountancy at SIFT offers two Bachelor’s degree programs: one in accountancy and the other in auditing, as well as two Master’s degree programs: the first in accountancy and the second in financial management. The school has 23 full-time teachers, more than 70% of whom hold senior professional titles while over 40 % of staff have doctoral degrees. Most of the teachers can use English original textbooks to conduct classroom teaching.

By virtue of pursuing the education format of “Internationalization, Practice Orientation and Quality Focus” and the subject positioning of “Team, Standard and Mainstream”, the SIFT School of Accountancy, through continuous education reform and innovation, has formed distinctive professional training characteristics. In recent years, the School has developed some remarkable research strengths in areas such as corporate governance, accounting supervision, intra-enterprise control, auditing theory and comparative international accounting. Accountancy has been evaluated and ranked as the highest-quality course at Shanghai Municipal level while Advanced Financial Accounting has been selected and included into the range of the core courses of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Over the years, the School has been among the best in terms of graduate employment rates and social value and impact. For instance, the graduate employment rate has been up to 99%. Most of SIFT graduates are employed in multinational companies, financial institutions, domestic and foreign accounting firms, large-scale state-owned enterprises and counselling agencies.

In order to further enhance the internationalization of accounting personnel training, the School has launched a “3+1” program in cooperation with the Business School of Edinburgh Napier University, which aims to provide a chance for the students to study in the UK. This is a curriculum-exchange program based on mutual recognition of credit value. After completion of a 3-year undergraduate curriculum study in the school, the students can submit an application which is considered by an in-school selection panel. In the fourth academic year, the students who have been selected begin to take a 1-year curriculum study in the UK. Those who manage to earn the corresponding credit points will simultaneously qualify for the graduation certificate from SIFT and the degree certificate from Edinburgh Napier University

In order to give expression to the School’s professional training characteristics, we have set up an ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK) training program for undergraduates with an outstanding record. This program is aimed at the 14 core courses of ACCA examination. Only the internationally synchronized English original textbooks are adopted and used for bilingual or all-English teaching. All the students with relevant majors can submit their applications for the program for the selection panel to assess and select from. The students selected will be exempted from the examination of some ACCA courses while they should take an internationally uniform examination of other ACCA courses without exception. The students who qualify, i.e. pass curriculum assessment examinations, will receive the qualification certificate of the Association of International Accountants and thereby become members of ACCA. ACCA membership is internationally recognized; thus ACCA members stand in a very strong position to land much sought-after posts in relevant fields such as accountancy, auditing and financial management at high-profile multinational companies, financial institutions, large-scale state-owned enterprises and accounting firms.