The SIFT School of Management was created in July 2008, based on the International Business Management Program established in 1984. Its Business Management and Industrial Economics have been named key disciplines by the Shanghai Education Commission. The Management School offers three undergraduate programs, i.e., Business Management (International Business Management), Marketing (International Marketing) and Human Resources Management (International Human Resources Management), a postgraduate program in Enterperise Management, and an MBA program. In addition to a Business Management Laboratory, the School boasts four research centers, namely, the Marketing Research Institute, the International Business Management Research Institute, the Management and Social Research Institute, and the Personnel Appraisal Research Center.
The mission of the Management School is to foster entrepreneurial and managerial leaders with international vision. The School attaches primary importance to the improvement of Business Management curriculum and excellence in teaching and research.

Adhering to the idea of providing an international education, the School has entered into international partnerships with about 10 overseas universities in countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Britain and India, building a good platform for teacher and student exchange programs and academic cooperations.

The School has a strong and dedicated teaching staff. Of 32 full-time teachers in the School, 18 have high academic titles and over 60% hold Ph.D. degrees. The School has one national featured specialization, one national bilingual model course, and four elaborate courses at the municipal level. Ever since its establishment, it has undertaken 4 research projects at the national level, 16 at the provincial/ministerial level, and over 30 at other levels. Two teachers have won the Shanghai Awards for Excellence in Teaching, and four teachers have received the Shanghai BaoSteel Education Awards and the Shanghai Yucai Awards. The School has also been given four Municipal Awards for Teaching Excellence. Moreover, the teaching team of the series courses of Business Management were presented in 2009 the National Award for Teaching Excellence.
With “bringing out the best in learners” as its guiding principle of education, the School strives to nurture the next generation of entreprenerial and managerial leaders with solid foundation knowledge, critical and analytical thinking, global vision, and good communication skills. For this purpose, the School stresses student-centered, process-based, and market-oriented education. The School has established extensive and strong cooperation with many world-famous corporations which provide internship opportunities for students. Through the annual Business Planning Contest, students are encouraged to apply their professional knowledge to the operation of businesses and to develop their spirit of innovation and teamwork that is expected in future business entrepreneurs and executives. In addition, the annual Charming HR Competition, which involves salary package design and career path analysis, helps to train students to become future human resources professionals.

Students who have graduated from the School over the years are well received by their employers because of their devotion to career and their solid foundation of knowledge. The employment rate for new graduates remains consistently over 98%. According to the Mycos report for the years 2006-2008, students in Business Management from the School were ranked the eighth in employability of all the university students in China.