First set up in 1979, the School of Continuing Education now consists of four divisions, including the Evening College, the Office of Self-Taught Examinations for Higher Education, the Training Center and the General Affairs Office.


As the exam organizer of two programs in the Shanghai Self-taught Higher Education Examination, the Program of International Trade and the Program of English for Business, the School makes active efforts to develop a variety of degree and non-degree programs. Currently it offers six transfer programs from an Associate Degree to a Bachelor’s, including the programs of International Economics and Trade, English for Business, Business Administration, Logistics Management, Accounting and Finance.

The School shall seize the opportunities for growth by continuing to develop new training programs and courses focusing on trade and economics, aiming to become a recognized provider of training in Shanghai in the filed of international business and trade, thus making greater contributions to the building of a lifelong education system and a learning society.