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General Information

The precursor of the Law School at SIFT is the International Economic Law Department, which was founded in the year of 1984 by Professor Shaoheng Qiu, a famous Chinese jurist and the former Vice-Chairman of the Law Committee of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC). The International Economic Law Department is among the earliest departments ratified by the Ministry of Education in China. The SIFT Law School was officially inaugurated in 1995, as one of the earliest law schools in Shanghai. It has forty teachers,among them eight professors, fourteen associate professors, and 80% of them are Ph.D. holders.

Law School offers excellent LL.B programs, including International Economic Law, Commercial Law, Administration Management, and International Politics. LL.M Programs include International Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law Program and a Juris Master’s (J.M) Program.?


Law School produces talents exceeding in law and business. The teachers pride themselves on excellence in both academic research and teaching, and they all combine practice and theory. The International Trade Law is accredited as a leading subject by the Shanghai Municipal Government, and the Civil and Commercial Law, a leading subject at SIFT. We also exceed in the research of the following fields: WTO Law, International Trade Law in Service, Tort Law and Security Law.

We attach great importance to international exchanges and have established wide and profound cooperation with some world-class law schools, which earns us local and international recognition. SIFT Law has become one of the leading law schools in Shanghai.?


Dean’s Message

Welcome to Law School, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT), Home to the students

and the alumni. We are proud of and committed to the student-oriented philosophy. We encourage students to study extensively, to inquire prudently, to reflect carefully, to differentiate things clearly, and to practice earnestly. As a result, we integrate morality, personality, and knowledge in education. We also strive to provide a well-balanced practical education that will make the learning process an enriching life experience. We are dedicated to cultivating elites with global vision in the fields of law, public administration, and international politics.

We prepare students for the modern world of globalization and information, and we put equal importance on the moral, ethical, intellectual, aesthetical, and physical development of the students, all contributing to the qualities of an outstanding law talent. We highlight the traditional Chinese virtues such as benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and integrity, which we uphold as our principles and which we integrate into our curricula. Besides acquiring knowledge, students here are also dedicated to learning to be, learning to work, and learning to live together.

Law School boasts a faculty fully committed to excellence in teaching, research and legal practice. The endeavors and achievements of the past two decades have helped Law School to bring together a group of distinguished scholars, educated abroad or well-established in China, well-versed in his or her own field. In addition, we have an efficient, caring, considerate, and conscientious administrative team offering best service to all the students and instructors.

The past two decades witnessed the great improvements of Law School, both in the recruitment scale and quality of its education. The reform and development in the past brought us a common understanding that “High-quality education serves as the foundation and the unique features of education provide momentum for the sustainable development.” We are dedicated to building our school into a leading law school in China with economic and financial specialties through keeping innovation, maintaining high quality, and strengthening academic research.

Thank you for your support and attention to SIFT Law School!
Liza Chen
Dean and Professor of Law

History of the Law School

In 1984, granted by the National Education Commission and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC), SIFT established the International Economic Law LL.B program by Mr ShaoHeng Qiu, a distinguished scholar and former Vice-Chairman of the Law Committee of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee.
On May 5th, 1984, International Economic Law Program was turned to Department of International Economic Law.
On March 15th, 1995, Department of International Economic Law was changed to Law School, with Mr Hanmin Zhou as the first dean.

In 1985, Law School launched the International Economic LL.M Program.
In September 2003, Law School launched the Administration Management LL.B Program.
In 2006, Law School launched the Civil and Commerce LL.M Program.
In July 2008, Law School launched the International Politics LL.B Program.
In 2011, Law School launched the Economic Law LL.M Program and was granted to establish any LL.M Program at its discretion. 

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