For International Students:

1.Application fee: 1000 RBM for degree students 
                 400 RMB for language training courses 

1)Chinese Language:  7000 RMB/semester

2)Undergraduate program: 20,000 RMB/ year (taught in Chinese)

           40,000RMB/year (taught in English)

3)Postgraduate program:  30,000 RMB/ year (taught in Chinese)

                  50,000RMB/yea r(taught in English)

4)MBA program: 150,000 RMB/ year

3.  Accommodation fee (over 3 months):

      C/D Double room 100RMB/day  E/F Double room 120RMB/day

  C/D Single room 70RMB/day    E/F Single room 100RMB/day

* Subject to changes.

Each room is equipped with bathroom, furniture, beddings, air conditioner, telephone, TV set, internet access and the dormitory is equipped with a shared refrigerator and kitchen. Both campuses have wireless internet access.