Education Modes

SIFT adopts different teaching modes to different courses.
SIFT has long been known for its foreign languages teaching. SIFT is dedicated to enforcing and innovating its foreign languages education by various teaching modes, such as classroom teaching, multi-media training in language center, the split-level teaching, online self-learning as well as target management. They all focus on training of applied ability.
The applied computer courses adopt split-level teaching approaches combining in-class theoretical teaching and after class practice. They focus on developing students’ initiative in learning.
The mathematic courses are compulsory for students majoring in economics and management, and also are available as optional courses for language and law students. We insist on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, enhancing students’ logical thinking ability, operation ability, space imagination, problem solving and analyzing ability.
SIFT also provides bilingual education, case analysis teaching, specialists and research scholars seminars, cooperated teaching with other universities, foreign experts’ lectures and professional career development training within its overall education modes.