Education Management

Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SIFT) adopts credit system in order to better adapt itself to the requirements of social and economic development, to arouse study enthusiasm in students and to encourage excellent students to stand out.

Quality assurance system ensures the standardization in the management of undergraduate teaching. Thus we can insure the stable development of undergraduate teaching quality to achieve the goal of standardization, routinization and maneuverability. The system has been consistently improved and perfected since its implement.

Under the credit management system the students, after completing the credits required by the majors, can choose to follow the SIFT courses, according to their own academic level, and the courses offered by the other universities at the Songjiang University Town, including Shanghai International Studies University, Donghua University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. When students finish the courses they are supposed to earn ?the corresponding credits and the GPA (grade point average), they may graduate in advance. When accomplishing his/ her own major, a student can also choose a second major at SIFT or at the other universities in the Songjiang University Town. After having completed all the major courses required, the students will get all the credits and be granted a certificate for the second major.