Library Rules

Things to Know before Entering the Library Building:

1.Readers should be able to produce, upon request, their membership card, which can not be used by anyone else other than the card owner.

2.Public courtesy and manners should be strictly observed upon entering the Library building.

3.Private possessions such as bags can be put in luggage areas such as lockers. Please note that this is done

at th

e users’ own discretion and the library shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal property. Users are not


allowd to leave their baggage overnight in the library.

4.Users share the responsibility of keeping library facilities and collections intact and safe. Writing on walls, chairs, d


esks, books, periodicals and other public facilities will be considered as a breach of these regulations. Posters and advertisement sheets are not allowed in the library building. Marking, defacing or mutilating books or any other library material will be co


nsidered as breaching library rules.

5.To ensure optimal use of public resources, users should not occupy seats in reading rooms with their own personal possessions such as bags.

6.Users are obliged to keep the library quiet. Talking over mobile phones is not allowed.

7.Food and drinks are not allowed in reading rooms and collections.

8.No user can bring into the library building anything that may threaten public safety, such as flammables, explosives and corrosive chemicals. Smoking is prohibited in the library building.

9.Readers should follow the instructions of library staff, in case of emergency, and in cases library and security staff deem necessary.