Research Achievements


SUIBE has made significant progress in boosting its research profile and range of associated activities. From 2006 to 2010, SIFT had undertaken over 250 government-funded research projects, with a total research funding reaching RMB 9.5 million, of which 13 are state-level research projects and 103 are province-or-ministry-level ones. It had also undertaken 135 enterprise-funded research projects, with a total funding amounting to RMB5.95 million. 12 projects had won research awards at the province or ministry level. 89 academic books have been published. 1929 papers have been released, 202 of which have been published on Class A and Class B academic journals as prescribed by SIFT. Focusing on the research of the multilateral trading system and on how to build Shanghai into an international trade center, SIFT has received high acclaim from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Government for producing a series of high-quality research results used as consultancy for government decision making. Faculty members of SIFT have taken part for six years in a row in the preparation and translation of the Foreign Market Access Report issued annually by the Ministry of Commerce, which has a large international influence and a direct impact on the formulation of China’s trade policy.