Student Associations

La LégendFrench Club


La Légend French Club is the only student club on SIFT campus that aims to promote the learning of the French language and to discover the French culture. The members consist mainly of students from the French Department of the Language School, who are interested in the French culture, history, cuisine and entertainment.
Since its establishment, the French Club has hosted all the student activities and events related to the French language. Apart from the regular French learning sessions, the club


sponsors every semester a number of competitions such as the French Short Play Contest and the French Speech Contest. The main activities of the club include: 1) French language teaching; 2) French Short Play Contest; 3) French Speech Contest; and 4) Month for the French Club.
Over the years, the French Club has attracted an increasing number of students in its activities.


Investment Club


The mission of the Investment Club, the largest of economic student clubs in SIFT, is to improve members’ understanding of investment management, and to help members develop hands-on investment skills such as those needed in the stock market. The slogan of the club is: “Invest your wealth, invest your life.”

In 2012, the Investment Club has become a member of the Shanghai Students Federation of Finance and Wealth Management Clubs organized by the Shanghai Association of Student Unions, 
which is an intercollegiate platform for communication, resources sharing and cooperation between economic student clubs across 18 universities in Shanghai. The Investment Club has also developed long-term cooperation with leading financial institutes such as the Everbright Securities Company, the Duode Investment Company, and the Bank of China.
The Investment Club organizes a variety of activities. Its regular lectures on stock investment are highly acclaimed among the members. The club runs a mock stock portfolio competition, which allows members to practice their investment skills and to share their experiences regularly. In 2012, the club has launched a new enjoyable and entertaining competition called Stock Expert Challenge, which will be co-sponsored with other universities in the Songjiang District.


Mystery Novel Club


Founded in 2009, the Mystery Novel Club now has a membership of 168 students. The club is intended to provide an active platform to bring together all the students united by an interest in mystery novels.

Psychological Growth Association


Established in March 1998, the Psychological Growth Association is one of the five oldest student clubs and organizations on SIFT campus. With the advice and help of psychological counselors, the Association has been developing steadily over the years. Through a wide array of activities such as Psychology Growing Analysis (PGA), outward development, psychological training and lectures, speaker events, and hypnosis experience, the Association helps students to discover themselves, explore themselves, and improve themselves.


Baseball and Softball Club


Founded in 2004, the Baseball and Softball Club now has about 60 members. The mission of the club is to promote participation in and appreciation of baseball and softball. The club runs a weakly lecture on the basics of baseball and softball rules and skills. The club also promotes the spirit of competition by showing recorded baseball matches and baseball-themed movies produced in the United States, Japan and Korea. The

baseball and softball teams in the club rank among the top teams from the universities in Shanghai.The Baseball and Softball Club is making its influence increasingly felt on campus and is planning to organize an annual Baseball Carnival to appeal to more students who might be interested in the sport.


Taekwondo Club


Established in 1995, the Taekwondo Club has won many honors in SIFT over the years, including “the Star Club”, “the Most Popular Sports Club”, and “the Star Player Club”.
The Taekwondo Club has trained a succession of fine practitioners, some of whom are awarded the rank certificate of “black belts” by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).
We invite every student who is interested in taekwondo to join the club.

Street Dancing Club


Established in October 2002, the Street Dancing Club has been voted for nine consecutive years as “the Star Club” and “the Most Popular Cultural and Sports Club” on campus, with its visibility felt throughout the seven universities in Songjiang and beyond. The club also has the largest membership running into hundreds, with some 50 core members.
The Street Dancing Club helps to enrich student life on campus by introducing students to the culture of street dancing and by offering experienced street dancers opportunities to advance

their skills and compete in dancing contests.


Auto Racing Club


Established in 2006, the Auto Racing Club intends to gather student fans of FIA Formula One World Championship (F1) as well as other motorsports for the enjoyment of speed and passion. Apart from organizing trips to watch live car racings, the club provides an active platform for members to socialize.
The Auto Racing Club is a member of the University Kart Championship Alliance (UKCA) and the Shanghai Auto Fans Association (SAFA).
The Auto Racing Club won the title of the Best Club and ranked the fourth in the men’s category, the fifth in the women’s 
category, and the fourth in the overall category in the First UKCA Competition.


May Drama Club


Founded in March 2003, the May Drama Club is committed to its founding principle of creating and performing classic plays. The club admits new members only after an audition at the start of every new semester. The first club meeting every semester is also the occasion for directors to interview and select actors for a play and crewmembers for stage management. During the intervals between rehearsals after the establishment of a production team, the club will organize training sessions on a wide range of areas such as performing, directing,

choreography, stage design, and playwriting. The club also hosts a weekly performance workshop to help members improve their understanding of theatrical arts.

The May Drama Club will put on three to five dramas every semester not only on SIFT campus but also elsewhere.

Original Music Club


Founded in 2001, the Original Music Club is the only student club on SIFT campus with the mission to help members understand more about music. During the ten years following its establishment, the club has organized more than ten music-related activities and events.
Rockkid, a flagship rock music festival of the Original Music Club which has run into its seventh year in 2012, is the most successful and the most watched music event organized by students themselves in the Songjiang University Town.The slogan of the Original Music Club is: “Life creates original music. 
Original music brightens life”. Through our efforts, more and more students have become touched and fascinated by original music.


Love Society


As a public interest organization, the Love Society encourages students to lend a helping hand to others. The society is committed to its mission of spreading love and providing services in the community. By organizing various community volunteering programs, the society helps members to understand more about contribution and gratitude.


Silent Love Society


Founded in March 2008, the Silent Love Society helps members to learn sign language and to help the deaf. The mission of the society is to foster the spirit of volunteering, contribution, friendship, mutual help and progress.
The Silent Love Society organizes speaker events, lectures, seminars, trainings, and plays to arouse students’ interest in learning sign language. The society has also teamed up with sister organizations in Songjiang such as those in the Shanghai
University of International Studies and Donghua University to 
promote understanding of sign language and to share experience.The Society organizes and facilitates various volunteering community services. Our main educational and service-related activities include: 1) to bring in expert teachers to teach sign language; 2) to invite speakers from the Shanghai Association for the Blind and the Deaf to deliver lectures on sign language; 3) to learn songs in sign language;4) to establish contacts with schools for the blind and the deaf; 5) to cooperate with sister organizations in other universities in Shanghai; 6) to organize volunteering activities for members and other interested students; and 7) to serve as volunteer teachers in Songjiang No. 2 High School.


Green Life Club


Established in 2008, the Green Life Club with a membership of 400 seeks to increase the awareness of sustainability and to promote the spirit of volunteering among the students. The club is named the Top 10 Student Environment Club in Shanghai. Now a member of the China National Alliance of College Students for Environmental Protection, the club has forged long-term cooperation with other public service organizations such as Roots and Shoots, Greennovate, Toton, Xingeng Workshop, and Oasis. The club organizes and participates in many volunteering

activities such as the Green Youth Community Services Project to help students become informed and active in the pursuit of a better and healthier environment.