President Wang Rongming Visits Shanghai Branch of Agricultural Bank of China


On the afternoon of August 30, President Wang Rongming visited the Shanghai Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China and held talks with Chen Qichang, President and Chairman of the Shanghai Banking Association. The two sides conducted exchanges on issues such as university-enterprise cooperation for win-win results, and joint construction of think tanks.

Mr. Wang Rongming introduced the development of SUIBE and hoped that both sides would give full play to their respective characteristics and advantages, work for mutual enhancement and win-win results, and contribute to the economic and social development of the country and Shanghai by promoting practical cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. Chen Qichang introduced the development status, characteristics and highlights of the bank, and reviewed the long-term cooperation with multiple universities in Shanghai. He hoped that both sides would focus on their competitiveness, find new areas of growth through cooperation, strengthen communication and exchanges, and make a good start.