SUIBE Holds 2021 Graduation Ceremony


On June 25, SUIBE’s 2021 graduation ceremony was held at the South Square of the Computing Labs Building. More than 1,700 graduates gathered online and offline to witness the important moment of graduation and embrace a new journey of life. Present at the ceremony were Chairman of the University CouncilYin Yao, SUIBE president Wang Rongming, Vice Chairwoman of the University Council and Chairwoman of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Xu Mei, Vice Chairman of the University Counciland SUIBE vice president Qi Ming, vice presidentsXuYonglin, Wu Zhong, Yu Xuemei, as well as leaders and teachers of all schools and departments.Vice President Qi Ming presided over the ceremony.

President Wang Rongming gave a passionate speech to the graduates of 2021 entitled “With a resolute fighting spirit, the goal of success is no longer far away”. He hoped that all graduates would refuse to be “slothful, uncultured, mediocre, and indifferent”, pay tribute to their forefathers, commit to excellence, be loving and virtuous, and illuminatetheir youth with patriotism and the will to serve the country.

Vice PresidentsXuYonglin and Wu Zhongannounced the 2021list of bachelor's, honorary bachelor's and master's degrees to be awarded and adecision on honoring outstanding graduates of Shanghai and SUIBE of the year, respectively. Mr. Wang Rongming issued authorization letters to the heads of all schools, authorizing them to hold their own degree conferment ceremonies of 2021. Li Zhuoning from the School of International Business and Economics and Professor Zhan Debin from the School of Law delivered speeches on behalf of the students and faculty respectively.