SUIBE Marxist School Signs Letter of Intent on Cooperation with Moscow State University Faculty of Philosophy

On 17 June, Professor Zhang Guifang, Dean of SUIBE Marxist School, and Dr. Zhou Jie, was at the Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), and signed a Letter of Intent on Cooperation to strengthen academic ties with the Russian university.

Professor Zhang met with Dr. Mironov Vladimir, MSU Deputy Vector, Dean of MSU Faculty of Philosophy, and Member Correspondent of Russian Academy of Sciences, and discussed in details a wide range of issues such as fields of research, members of faculty, priority disciplines, and teacher and student exchange programs. As a result, a Letter of Intent on Cooperation was signed between SUIBE Marxist School and MSU Faculty of Philosophy. The two sides intended to cooperate in jointly hosting international academic seminars, launching scholar and student exchange programs, and sponsoring scholar lectures. This marked a breakthrough for SUIBE Marxist School to establish academic ties with universities in Russia and Central Asia, thus expanding the horizons of international academic exchange and providing new opportunities for improving international cooperation in philosophy, the humanities and social sciences.

Established in 1755, MSU is the largest, the oldest comprehensive university in Russia and is rated among the universities with the best reputation in the world. The Faculty of Philosophy at MUS was one of the first three faculties opened when the University was originally founded. Many well-known Russian philosophers, statesmen, economists, and educators have studied and taught at the Faculty during its history.