Atlas Copco China Representatives in Talks with SUIBE School of Finance for Cooperation

On the morning of 8 June, Chu Fei, Human Resources Manager for Greater China, Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Zhang Min, Business Partner, came to SUIBE School of Finance to discuss the revision of the agreement on student scholarship and financial aid, the signing of the agreement on internship, and other matters. After reviewing the running of the scholarship agreement since it was signed in 2012, both sides spoke highly of the achievements made so far and expressed the wish to further promote business-university cooperation.

Following in-depth discussion, the two sides reached an intent of cooperation on a wide range of issues such as a new student scholarship and financial aid scheme, career counseling cooperation, and internship programs. Based on the principle of development-oriented assistance, both sides agreed to build a diversified platform to help the all-round development of students by encouraging them to become more proactive, innovative and committed.

The student scholarship and financial aid program between Atlas Copco and SUIBE has been in effect for the past four years, helping 53 students with a total sum of 77,000 Yuan. The revised scholarship and financial aid scheme is expected to go into operation from September 2016.