Official from Chinese Embassy in Serbia Visits CI Zagreb

Sun Xinquan, Director of the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia visited the Confucius Institute (CI) in Zagreb jointly established by SUIBE and the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The Education Office is in charge of the educational exchanges between China and Southeastern European countries including Croatia.

During his visit to the CI in the company of the Chinese Director and the Croatian Director of the CI, Sun Xinquan highly commended the work and achievements of the CI since its establishment four years ago and presented Chinese Director Yan Lidong a credential on behalf of the Office to recognize his efforts in managing the CI and promoting the Chinese culture and language. He acknowledged the important and special role of the CI in Zagreb, the only CI in Croatia, in promoting the Chinese culture and language and building cultural and economic bonds between China and Middle and Eastern Europe. The CI is of significance for strengthening the educational ties between China and Middle and Eastern European universities and expanding China’s studies on Middle and Eastern Europe.