Student Associations

La LégendFrench Club


La Légend French Club is the only student club on SIFT campus that aims to promote the learning of the French language and to discover the French culture. The members consist mainly of students from the French Department of the Language School, who are interested in the French culture, history, cuisine and entertainment.
Since its establishment, the French Club has hosted all the student activities and events related to the French language. Apart from the regular French learning sessions, the club


sponsors every semester a number of competitions such as the French Short Play Contest and the French Speech Contest. The main activities of the club include: 1) French language teaching; 2) French Short Play Contest; 3) French Speech Contest; and 4) Month for the French Club.
Over the years, the French Club has attracted an increasing number of students in its activities.


Investment Club


The mission of the Investment Club, the largest of economic student clubs in SIFT, is to improve members’ understanding of investment management, and to help members develop hands-on investment skills such as those needed in the stock market. The slogan of the club is: “Invest your wealth, invest your life.”

In 2012, the Investment Club has become a member of the Shanghai Students Federation of Finance and Wealth Management Clubs organized by the Shanghai Association of Student Unions, 
which is an intercollegiate platform for communication, resources sharing and cooperation between economic student clubs across 18 universities in Shanghai. The Investment Club has also developed long-term cooperation with leading financial institutes such as the Everbright Securities Company, the Duode Investment Company, and the Bank of China.
The Investment Club organizes a variety of activities. Its regular lectures on stock investment are highly acclaimed among the members. The club runs a mock stock portfolio competition, which allows members to practice their investment skills and to share their experiences regularly. In 2012, the club has launched a new enjoyable and entertaining competition called Stock Expert Challenge, which will be co-sponsored with other universities in the Songjiang District.


Mystery Novel Club


Founded in 2009, the Mystery Novel Club now has a membership of 168 students. The club is intended to provide an active platform to bring together all the students united by an interest in mystery novels.






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