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Administrative work regarding postgraduate education at SIFT is jointly conducted by SIFT Postgraduate Office and Student Affairs Office at the university level, and by specific schools that run postgraduate programs. At the school level, postgraduate education is generally the duty of a deputy dean.

Duration of Study
Postgraduate programs normally last for two years and a half (for academic degrees) and three years (for professional degrees). Students outstanding in academic performance can apply for earlier graduation, but the minimum duration of programs is two years for academic degrees and two years and a half for professional degrees. Students who have completed all program courses but who have not completed degree dissertation, and students who, with valid justification, have not completed program courses, can apply to extend their study duration, but the maximum duration is four years and a half for academic degrees and five years for professional degrees.

Postgraduate Programs
School deputy deans in charge of postgraduate education and directors of disciplines are responsible for formulating postgraduate programs, which must be approved by their School Degree-Conferring Sub-Committees.
All programs should include:

   1.Postgraduate program coursework;
   2.Plan for encouraging students’ social practice and innovation;
   3.Plan for improving students’ research capacity, including requirements for degree dissertation.

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