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 In order to give expression to the School’s professional training characteristics, we have set up an ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the UK) training program for undergraduates with an outstanding record. This program is aimed at the 14 core courses of ACCA examination. Only the internationally synchronized English original textbooks are adopted and used for bilingual or all-English teaching. All the students with relevant majors can submit their applications for the program for the selection panel to assess and select from. The students selected will be exempted from the examination of some ACCA courses while they should take an internationally uniform examination of other ACCA courses without exception. The students who qualify, i.e. pass curriculum assessment examinations, will receive the qualification certificate of the Association of International Accountants and thereby become members of ACCA. ACCA membership is internationally recognized; thus ACCA members stand in a very strong position to land much sought-after posts in relevant fields such as accountancy, auditing and financial management at high-profile multinational companies, financial institutions, large-scale state-owned enterprises and accounting firms.