Global Expert Appointment Ceremony under the Thousand Talents Plan and Professor Meléndez-Oritiz Lecture held in SUIBE


On the afternoon of 16 March, the Senior Global Expert Appointment Ceremony under the National Thousand Talents Plan was held in SUIBE Gubei campus, and at the ceremony, Professor Ricardo Meléndez-Oritiz delivered a special lecture. Professor Meléndez-Oritiz, co-founder and Chief Executive of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and senior global expert of SUIBE under the Thousand Talents Plan, SUIBE President Sun Haimin, and Vice President Chen Jie attended the ceremony. Dr. Shuaihua Wallace Cheng, managing director of ICSTD China and Asia Affairs was invited to attend the ceremony.

While awarding Professor Meléndez-Oritiz with the appointment certificate, President Sun pointed out that with major changes in the strategic development of SUIBE, it was hoped that Professor Meléndez-Oritiz would bring the frontier knowledge in international trade to SUIBE, thus helping its academic development.