Official from Chinese Embassy in Serbia Visits Confucius Institute Zagreb


Sun Xinquan, Head of the Education Section, Embassy of China in Serbia, visited the Confucius Institute (CI) at the University of Zagreb on March 16 local time. The Education Section in Serbia is in charge of China’s educational affairs in Eastern and Southern European countries, including Croatia.

Mr. Sun’s visit was companied by Meng Weiliang, the Chinese Director of the CI, who introduced the CI’s engagement in Chinese language teaching and cultural activities in Croatian cities. Mr. Sun acknowledged the achievements made in the past five years as a result of the close cooperation between SUIBE and the University of Zagreb and expressed on behalf of the Education Section thanks to the CI for their endeavors in promoting the Chinese language and culture. Mr. Sun also pointed out the importance of close cooperation and mutual understanding between the Chinese and foreign directors in running Confucius Institutes. As the sole CI in Croatia, CI Zagreb shoulders missions of special significance. It is committed to promoting the Chinese language and culture and more importantly to contributing to building cultural and business connections between China and Croatia.