California State University Professor Lauri Ramey Lectures in SUIBE


On 2 December, Professor Lauri Ramey, California State University, Los Angeles, the US, came to visit SUIBE and delivered a lectured titled “Contemporary British Feminism and Poetics” to teachers and students from SUIBE School of Foreign Languages. The lecture was presided by Professor Wan Guanglin, Dean of School of Foreign Languages.

In her lecture, Professor Ramey gave a detailed account of two prominent contemporary African British poets and analyzed, in particular, their idiosyncratic poems. Professor Ramey emphasized the re-creation of poetry performance, pointing out that poetry reading plays a crucial role in freeing literary expressions from androcentrism. Her lecture briefed the audience on the latest developments in American and British academia.

Professor Ramey is a prolific author and a renowned expert in the USon Black Literature. At the end of her lecture, Professor Ramey answered questions from teachers and students from the School of Foreign Languages.