SUIBE Leaders Meet with Slovenian Education Delegation


On the morning of 24 October, SUIBE Executive Board Chairman YinYao was delighted to welcome the Slovenian Delegation of Educationheaded by Janez Premoze, Slovenian Ambassador to China, and IvanSvetlik, Chancellor of the University of Ljubljana, to the Gubeicampus. Also present at the meeting were Vice President Nie Qing,and school officials from the Foreign Affairs Office, relevantschools and research institutes.


During the meeting, Mr. Yin expressed deep gratitude for thesupport given by the Slovenian government to the cooperationbetween universities in the two countries and reviewed the progressmade in educational exchanges between SUIBE and Slovenia, sayingthat SUIBE would continue to strengthen cooperation with theUniversity of Ljubljana, upgrade the level of cooperation andexpand the scope of cooperation.


Mr. Premoze spoke highly of SUIBE’s efforts in and contribution topromoting cultural exchanges between Slovenia and China, and notedthe Agreement of Reciprocal Recognition of Academic Diplomas andDegrees signed between the education ministries of the twocountries on 12 October this year would provide great opportunitiesfor further Slovenia-China cooperation in higher education.

Presiding at the roundtable discussion later, Vice President Niebriefed the Slovenian guests with the current developments and theinternationalization scheme of the 13th five-year plan of SUIBE,hoping that the two universities would further collaborate in thedevelopment of general education courses, information andstatistics, as well as Central and East European Studies.Chancellor Svetlik noted that in addition to the currentcooperation in economics, there was room for broad cooperation withSUIBE in social sciences and computer science, and expressed thewish to consolidate and expand cooperation between the two sides.Officials from relevant schools and research institutes from thetwo universities also discussed potential areas and programs forfuture cooperation.


After the roundtable discussion, the 2016 Meeting of Board ofGovernors for the Confucius Institute Ljubljana was convened by thetwo universities. The Slovenian guests also visited facilities suchas the Gubei 620 Entrepreneurship Incubation Center.


China’s initiative of cooperation with Central and East Europe is agrand diplomatic strategy implemented since 2012, which complementsChina’s One Belt, One Road Strategy. Through institutions such asthe Confucius Institute and the Center for Central and EastEuropean Studies, SUIBE is actively involved in cooperation withthe 16 countries in Central and East Europe including Slovenia andhas, so far, produced fruitful results. The cooperation betweenSUIBE and the University of Ljubljana has been lauded on manyoccasions by the governments of the two countries.