Xu Mei


Born in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, in July 1970, Professor Xu Mei is the Vice Chair of Executive Board and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of SUIBE. She received her doctoral degree in Political Economics from Fudan University.

Concurrently, she is the Vice Chair of Shanghai Association of Scientific Socialism, a deputy to the 16th People’s Congress of Xuhui District, a member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and the Budgetary Affairs Commission of Xuhui People’s Congress. She is a leader of the Shanghai Distinguished Counsellor Workshop. Previously, she served as director of Student Services Complex at Fudan University, vice director of the President’s Office at Fudan University, director of Students’ Affairs Division at Fudan University, vice chair of executive board and vice presidentat Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance.

She has received many rewards and honors such as the Shanghai Award for Excellence in Employment Promotion, the Shanghai Award for the New Long March, and the Shanghai Award for Distinguished Teacher in Cultural Construction.