Tongji University President Chen Jie and His Delegation Visit SUIBE for Research and Exchange


Mr. Chen Jie, President of Tongji University and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. LyuPeiming, Executive Vice President of Tongji University, and Mr. Liu Run, Assistant President of Tongji University visited SUIBE for research and exchange on September 6. The two sides held discussions on further strengthening inter-school cooperation.

SUIBE president Wang Rongming expressed his hope that Tongji University, as one of the leading universities in China, could help SUIBE make new breakthroughs in building the latter into a local high-level university,the constructionof key disciplines, a new round of application for doctoral programs, and the modernization of university governance system and capabilities. At the same time, he expected both sides to give full play to their respective advantages, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and jointly servenational and local development strategies.

Chen Jiehoped that the two sides could strengthen disciplinary exchanges and promote complementarity of advantageous disciplines. Besides,both sides shallenhance cooperation in scientific research and promote the opening-up and sharing of platforms in collaborative innovation and artificial intelligence. Joint efforts could also be madeto improve the cooperation intalent cultivation, especiallythatforinternational organizations. The two sidesshouldalsoimprovethe integration and mutual learning of university culture, and focus on the cultivation of diverse talents, thus serving the development and opening up of Pudong and the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

Prior to the conference, ChenJieled a delegation toSUIBE’s WTO Asia-Pacific Training Center.