SUIBE holds Crew Building Ceremony for Drama Wang Yaotian


SUIBE held a crew-building ceremony for the drama Wang Yaotian on August 27. Mr. Zhou Hanmin, vice chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee and outstanding alumnus of SUIBE, attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Mr. Qi Ming, Vice Chairman of the University Councilandthe vice president of SUIBE.

In his guiding speech,Mr. Zhou comprehensively reviewed the process of China's return to the GATT and entry into the WTO, and spoke highly of the historic contributions of Wang Yaotian, the leading character of the drama, fully and vividly demonstrating the scholar’scharisma. Zhoustressed that the drama Wang Yaotian should highlight threeroles played by Wang: a warrior, a counselor and an excellent leader. The cast should study more important historical materials and literature to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the roles, especially graspthe spiritual characteristics of Wang, who was an indomitable thinker, thus drawing spiritual motivation from them.

In his speech, Mr. Qi asked all the cast to further revise and improve the scriptaccording to the spirit and requirements of Zhou’s guidance, step up rehearsal, and inherit and carry forward the spirit of Wang, so as to make the drama a gift for the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO.