SUIBE Kicks Off Fifth "Boshi" Commercial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Special Training Course


On July 12, SUIBE held the fifth Boshi commercial innovation and entrepreneurship elite special training course in conference room 503 of the Computing Labs Building.


Mr. Qi Ming, Vice Chairman of the University Council andVice President of SUIBE and dean of the Entrepreneurship College, delivered a speechon behalf of SUIBE and the Entrepreneurship College. He remarked that the Boshi special training coursewill be themed at serving to build a quality and strong economy in five fronts and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, andis aimed to establish a Boshi special training course system and nurture international-oriented talents in the new business discipline. He encouraged the trainees to study in a diversified way and develop good personalities; to enhance their capability in practices; to pool strength from the CPC’s history in the combination of innovation and thought education; to contribute to China’s developmentwith innovation and entrepreneurship.

A total of 50 students from 19 domestic universities were admitted to this special training course whichfeatures a unique selection of coursesand diversemodes of teaching.