Senior Diplomat and Former Chinese Ambassador Sun Jiwen Visits SUIBE


Mr. Sun Jiwen, senior Chinese diplomat, senior translator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the former Chinese Ambassador to Gabon visited SUIBE at invitation on June 23 and 24. Mr. Yin Yao, Chairman of the University Council, received him and exchanged views with him on the cultivation of foreign language and diplomacy talents.

On June 23, Sun held a talk with the faculty from the School of Languages, discussing how educators can better instill Chinese stories into students. Later, he gave a special lesson on diplomacy to postgraduate students majoring in French, focusing on the current conditions of international organizations and institutions, as well as China’sdemand for international-oriented talents.He encouraged students to study hard and improve their competences so as to make louder voices for Chinain international organizations, and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

On June 24, Sun gave a lecture themed “Broaden International Vision and Pursue a Wonderful Life”. He expounded on the development of China’s diplomacy and the evolution of foreign policies since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, analyzed international organizations’ demand for international-oriented talents today, and encouraged students to broaden their international vision, pay attention todomestic and international affairs, and chase for a colorful life.