SUIBE School of Accounting Holds Seminar on Intelligent Accounting for Shanghai MPAccPrograms


The School of Accountingof SUIBE held a seminar on June 5 on intelligent accounting forMPAccprograms in Shanghai,which was also the founding ceremony of an alliance promoting the intelligentization of finance, accounting, and auditing services.

Professor XuYonglin, vice president of SUIBE and dean of the School of Accounting delivered a welcome speech on behalf of SUIBE. He introduced the development of SUIBE and the School of Accounting, as well as their objects, characteristics of and achievements in postgraduate education in recent years. He also analyzed the opportunities and challenges for MPAcc education brought by the changing demandfor high-level financial and accounting professionals in the age of digitalizationand intelligentization.

Experts and scholars from 11 MPAccprograms in Shanghai shared their views around the training objectives, teaching plans, dissertation quality and suggestions to the alliance on a roundtable forum of the seminar.