SUIBE kicks off 1st Teaching Training Campfor Young Backbone Teachers


The opening ceremony, or the first lectureofthe First Teaching Training Campfor Young BackboneTeachers of SUIBE was held on May 21. Professor Shen Kaikai from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who won the first prize and the special award in the fifth National Teaching Competition for Young University Lecturers and the fourth Shanghai Teaching Contest for Young University Lecturers respectively, was invited to give a special report. SUIBE vice president Xu Yonglin attended the ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Xu Yonglin stressed that young teachers are the hope ofSUIBE’s future development, as their teaching ability has a direct bearing on the university’seducation quality. He made three requirementsfortheteachers present:staying true to their original aspiration of education and keeping in mind their mission of education, understanding the essence of their disciplines and building ideal classrooms, and keeping studying to improve their teaching ability.

Professor Shen Kaikai elaborated on such aspects as preparation for teaching competition, classdesign, classroom teaching, and teaching reflections.