SUIBE Holds Seminar on Hybrid Curriculum Construction


On April 16, SUIBE held a seminar on building top-notch hybrid curriculums that center around students.

ProfessorLiZheng of East China Normal University, who designed one of the first national first-class hybrid curriculums, was invited to give a special report on the teaching design and practice of hybrid courses. He made a detailed interpretation of hybrid teaching from three aspects – the construction, designing and standards of hybrid curriculums.

For better construction of hybrid curriculums, it is important to restructure traditional courses, offer both online resources and offline activities, and evaluate students’ learning process, said Vice President XuYonglin at the seminar.

Employees of online learning platform Treenity, or Zhihuishu, who were also invited to the seminar, introduced in detail the platform’s flipped classroom, a blended learning model in which traditional ideas about classroom activities and homework are reversed.