SUIBE Leaders Visit Faculty and Students,Deliver Best Spring Festival Wishes


Before the Chinese New Year of the Ox, SUIBEleadershipvisited faculty and students staying on campus and representatives of the front-line staff from Feb.5 to 12,wishing them the best for the Chinese New Year and a prosperous future of SUIBE.

Deputy Secretary of the CPC SUIBE committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Ms. Xu Mei, Deputy Secretary and Vice president of SUIBE, Mr. Qi Ming, Deputy Secretary Mr. Wu Yi, Vice President Ms. Chen Jie, and other members of the school leadership including Mr. Xu Yonglin and Mr. Zhang Daofang, joined the visits to send holiday greetings and gifts to faculty and students, as well as representatives of security guards and logistics staff remaining their posts throughout the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival visitswere a move made by the CPC SUIBE committeeunder the guidance ofrelevant superior departments toimplement the instructionmade byXi Jinping,general secretary of the CPC Central Committee to improve services and ensure a special and heartwarming Spring Festivalsince people were encouraged to stay put for the holiday this year.

By visiting the faculty, students and staff members, and sending them the best wishes, the SUIBE leadership ushered in a good start of the new semester.