A Paper Authored by SUIBE Teacher-student Team Accepted by International Journal


A paper co-authored by a teacher-student team from SUIBE School of Business has recently been accepted and is due to be published in May in Operations Research Letters, a prestigious peer-reviewed journal in the field of operations research and the management and decision sciences. The paper is titled “Affirmative Action under Common School Priorities: The Top Trading Cycles Mechanism Case” and written by Jiao Zhenhua, professor at SUIBE School of Business, Shen Ziyang, a third-year student of economics in the innovation experiment class at SUIBE School of Business, Chen Yajing, teacher at East China University of Science and Technology, and Tian Guoqian, professor at Texas A&M University.

The paper examines issues involved in affirmative action policies in school choice and investigate, in particular, the responsiveness of top trading cycles school choice mechanism to affirmative action policies. It is found that under the common school priority (within student type) condition, the top trading cycles mechanism is more responsive to the minority reserves type of affirmative action policy than deferred acceptance algorithm.

In Academic Journal Rankings by SUIBE, Operations Research Letters is listed as a Class-B international journal.

Professor Jiao Zhenhua at SUIBE School of Business received his Ph.D. degree from the School of Economics in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2016, and his research interests cover, among other things, mathematical economics, microeconomic theories and market mechanism design. Professor Jiao has published extensively in top international journals such as Games and Economic Behavior, Mathematical Social Sciences, Economic Letters, and Operations Research Letters. Mr. Shen Ziyang, a high-achieving junior student of economics at SUIBE School of Business with a good of command of mathematics, interests himself in microeconomic theories and mechanism design. This is the first time that a paper jointly written by a teacher and a student at SUBE has been accepted by a world-class journal, and it is no small achievement for an undergraduate of economics and management even in the whole country.

The innovation experiment class of economics was first established in the Department of Economics at the School of Business in 2016. The guiding principle for the class is to lay a solid foundation in basics, have an excellent command of theories, put emphasis on applications, and attach primary importance to innovation. Its curriculum is aligned with that of top universities home and abroad, aiming at high standards, systematicity, norms and cutting edge in the teaching of basic theories and methodologies. At the same time, to turn strength in research into strength in teaching, a tutor system is introduced to second-year students so that academic tutors will provide guidance to students in matters such as research, academic exchanges and paper writing. Third-year students in the class have produced a number of working papers, and the paper published in Operations Research Letters is a landmark case.