Commencement Ceremony for Graduating Class of 2019 Held


SUIBE hosted its commencement ceremony for graduates of the Class of 2019 in SB507 on March 29. The university leaders, department chairs, teachers, and more than 400 graduate students attended the event.



A video preceded the ceremony which showed the academic and campus life between students and their teachers. With the playing of the national anthem, the ceremony kicked off at 2:00 pm.



After that, the certificates of authorization for diplomas were issued to postgraduate students from all departments and colleges, as well as the certificates to the students who were awarded the title of “Shanghai Excellent Graduates of the Year” and the “SUIBE Outstanding Graduates of the Year”.


Both representatives of graduate students and teachers delivered speeches at the ceremony. On behalf of the graduates, Yin Zejin from the Law School reminisced about his memorable campus life, expressed his gratitude to his dear teachers, and expanded on his expectations of a future career. On behalf of the teachers, professor Wang Zhaohui, vice president of Business Information School, encouraged the students to make unremitting efforts to realize their dreams and to start a new chapter for their life as well as their Alma mater.


Subsequently, on behalf of the graduates, the representatives thanked their mentors for their meticulous training and teaching and offered their gifts.



Zhu Guohongthe president of SUIBE, delivered a speech on be half of the university. He congratulated the students on the successful completion of their master’s degree and expressed his appreciation for the hard work of the teachers. With a colorful quote and extensive reference, he addressed the speech with a great inspiration, stating that happiness was achieved through hard work and Chinese young people should unite together and struggle for the great rejuvenation of China. He pointed out that it was time for the young to follow their predecessors and to pass the responsibility onto their shoulders, and it was time for them to fulfill the mission and realize Chinese dream.





The leaders handed out the diplomas at the end of the commencement ceremony.