SUIBE Welcomes New Students


It is autumn again and time to welcome new students, including more than 2,200 freshmen and over 1,000 first-year graduates from across the country, to SUIBE campus for the 2018 autumn semester.

Early in the morning, Chair of the Executive Board Yin Yao, Vice Chair Xu Mei, Vice Chair and Vice President Qi Ming, Vice President Xu Yonglin, and Vice President Zhang Daofang visited the one-stop reception center, meeting with the newly admitted students and their parents. At the reception center, all the schools and relevant departments such as the Logic Services Department, Students Affairs Department, Finance Department, Security Department, Admission Office, and Student Health Service were ready to help the incoming students go through the registration procedures. The School of Language presented students with postcards written with good wishes. The School of Finance showcased the colorful campus life with an arcade of pictures. The university opened an express counter for financially strapped students to apply for student loans and grants. About 500 student volunteers were at metro stations, bus stops, student quarters, and the campus to provide help to new students, giving them guide and introducing them to the new life at campus.

To greet the new students, the university designed and placed welcome messages, road banners, and colorful flags at the campus, and posted diagrams of student dormitories, dormitory placement, and registration process at student quarters. Students were each provided with a handbag of orientation materials, a T-shirt with the university logo on it, a university badge, and most noteworthy this year, a public transport card with a university emblem on it. The Logistic Services Department made arrangements for the places for welcoming new students and helped them with their luggage. The Information Technology Center set a real-time display system at the first floor of the Administration Building showing and updating the number of new students who had completed registration, thus improving the efficiency of the whole registration process. The Security Department directed traffic on and around the campus, ensuring safety and providing household registration services. The Student Health Service opened a booth at various welcoming sites at the campus, ready to respond to any medical emergencies. In addition, the student dormitories were newly renovated, complete with air conditioners, curtains, water dispensers, and barrel water. Zhongshuge, known as the Most Beautiful Book Store in China, went into trial operation at SUIBE, its first presence at a university. The newly refurbished and opened Museum of the History of SUIBE, the newly designed university website, and the variety shows held at the square in front of the canteen, all these greatly impressed the new students and their parents.

With registration completed, the schools held a meeting with new students and their parents in the afternoon. At the gathering, the university provided a birthday cake for students whose birthday fell on the day. In addition, to help the new students to have an easy start and adapt to the campus life, student orientation called “Imagining My University Life” was organized to prepare them for their study and life at campus. The orientation included online resources about academic study and campus life, basics of the history of SUIBE, and reading activities. In the next few days, the university will also provide a wide array of special education programs on various topics such as security, psychological health, and life-long learning.

The arrival of the new students will surely inject fresh blood and vitality into the campus. In the years to come, the new students will adhere to the university motto of “Integrity, Tolerance, Erudition, Pragmatism”, opening a new chapter of their life.