Two SUIBE Students Won the First Place in China’s Mainland in ACCA Exams


According to the information recently released by ACCA Representative Office in Shanghai, two students from SUIBE School of Accounting came out the first in China’s mainland in ACCA exams. Xu Yuanyuan ranked the first in mainland China in ACCA P2 Corporate Reporting exam held in September 2017, and Jing Hua won the first place in China’s mainland and the third place in the world in ACCA P4 Advanced Financial Management exam held in June 2017. Jing Hua has been invited to attend the ACCA Accounting Training Program in Singapore and the ACCA Prize Awarding Ceremony in Beijing on 4 November to receive her certificate and scholarship from ACCA.

SUIBE School of Accounting became officially a Gold Approved Learning Partner (ALP) of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in April 2013, one of the seven universities in the country to have Gold ALP status. So far, the school has been granted ALP status for five consecutive years, ranking the first in the pass rates of F6 and F8 exams for three times in China’s mainland. Four SUIBE students won the first place in China’s mainland in ACCA exams, and two SUIBE teachers received the Award for Excellence in ACCA Education. In this October, SUIBE was named for the second time an Outstanding ACCA University in China.